I was pining for this dress!

Do you ever order something or buy something and then when it arrives in the mail or you get home with it it's actually not what you thought it was? I have a bad habit of doing that and I used to be worse than I am now. Last time was the beginning of summer when I needed a little cropped sweater to wear with some sleeveless dresses. I looked at the different sizes and somehow I bought an XL when I am a medium and I know they had a medium because I know I had it in my hand at one time or another. When I ordered this dress I thought it was black but was pleasantly surprised to find out it is actually green which is my favorite color. I wanted it before I bought it but didn't buy because something else black is certainly not what I need in my closet. If I had known I would have ordered it before I did. Glad I didn't miss out on it because I really like it and it will be perfect for the holidays. I checked the website just to see what I must have been reading when I read the description and right there big as life it states that it is pine-colored. I must have read right over that or thought it said something about pinecones. I guess I can still walk through the pinecones in my pine-colored frock rather than a black one ♥

♥ Boots: Vintage 90's

I just looked up conifer and it means cone-bearing from evergreens and pines. Now I am laughing! Going to have to use my dictionary more often when I shop too.

Want to tip toe through the pines with me?

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  1. Yes! that dress was meant to be yours - it's so flattering. And I adore the boots, I'm looking for a similar pair.

    I have made several oops when ordering online or via eBay -- some that worked, and some real boners : >


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