A Rose In November

I love to take pictures of the outdoors. It can be so spectacular that we sometimes forget to really look at all the small wonders. Taking pictures and looking at them later always amazes me at how pretty places can really be. The weather here has been really pretty for this time of year and I noticed I had a rose blooming and it the middle of November. What a surprise since I've never had good luck with roses at any time of the year. Since this is something that I have rarely seen from a rose bush of mine I thought I had better grab a picture. Most of the ones I have planted are usually dead by now but actually this bush is not even mine, but my granddaughter's that she planted so I'm thinking that is why it is doing well. Her green thumb has paid off. Nevertheless I was thrilled when it did so well this summer and now a fall bloom. Bonus! While I was at it I took a few more shots around my home. Enjoy!

Fadra decided she was more interested in the squirrel running around than our nature walk so I had to chain her up. She was not happy and hid under the table.

aaahh, poor baby! She's so spoiled :o)


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  1. MAgical pictures! <3




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