I want some new booties!

With colder weather just around the corner it has me thinking about how I am going to keep my feet warm.  It seems my tootsies get cold so easy.  Last year I pretty much lived in my Ugg Boots which I adore but with all the new bootie styles I think a pair my have to be in my future. Besides a Mary Jane type shoe the booties are my fav :)  Now if I could just decide on a pair.

These are probably my favorite!

ooohhhhh Olive, green is my favorite color!

Heel too high for me?? One minute I think yes and the next I'm thinking I have to have these!

These look wearable for a long day. Love the color!

These are probably more my speed. Nice comfortable Dr. Scholls.
This link is kind of trippy, half way down the page the boots start adding buckles and fur cover-ups. I thought I was seeing things there for a moment. I didn't know the Dr. was so in-the-know! First time I've seen that. He must be a riot at parties! lol Who knew?

There are so many great syles right now I simply can't make up my mind.

What's a girl to do?

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  1. if i were to pick for myself, i'd choose the vance/blowfish ones. but i also love your faves, too! heck, i'd take any of them!


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