Favorite Song Of The Moment - Avril Lavigne

This new song by Avril Lavigne, "What The Hell", gets stuck in my head every time I hear it. It's a really cute, catchy song! Showing some girl power and having some fun :o)  

She has her own clothing line if you are a younger woman than I am. I love her music but her clothes will have to be worn by my granddaughter.
About Abbey Dawn by Avril Lavigne:

The Avril Lavigne Clothing Line, Abbey Dawn, is one of the latest celebrity apparel lines. Named after the nickname given to her by her father, singer Avril Lavigne's fashion line first appeared in Kohl's stores in July of 2008. The line includes hooded sweaters, jeans, t-shirts and a bit of it all for tweens, teens and women.  The Avril Lavigne clothing line is all about young funky glam rock, with colorful sexy, flirty, easy to wear comfort. Lavigne's styles are fast becoming known as "skater girl chic," with patterns consisting of skull and crossbones as well as zebra stripes and other bold graphic designs. 

I got to see Avril a couple years ago when I took my granddaughter to see the Jonas Brothers. The show was awesome, however, I think I am still trying to get my hearing back after listening to all those screaming young girls :o)

I have always been a fan and I love her new song!

My Mauve Shoes Made Their Debut On Mother's Day

I finally got my mauve shoes out of their box and placed them on my feet. I didn't realize they would be so cushy and comfy! I loved them! It was only fitting that I waited to wear them until I was with my mom since she bought them as a gift and told me I needed to jazz up my wardrobe :o) You know moms, they tell it like it is. Hence, with getting an interest in jazzing it up a bit I started this blog to keep track of my progress. Hats, or rather shoes, off to her!

We always go to the local dinner theatre for brunch. This year the show was Hairspray which was very funny and recommended. We had a great day!

Crop Sweater: Target
Tights: Target
Shoes: Croft and Barrow

I ordered my dress through a one day 1/2 price sale through ModCloth and was extremely pleased with it. I would have been happy even if it hadn't been on sale. I really love this dress! However, the dress is sleeveless and I knew I had to find something to go over it if I wanted to wear it on Mother's Day.  I also needed a card for mom and some tights or hose so we went to Target first. I found the sweater right off and was a bit worried to begin with on whether or not I could even find one so things were going my way until I started looking for tights in white. None to be found at Target or Kohl's. I'm thinking it must be due to graduations and weddings. Since I didn't want to go anywhere else as my stomach was growling and so was my hubby, I decided to look in the girl's department just to see if they had any since I thought I might be able to wear a large and bingo, they had a pair in a 14/16 which I found to be the same size as the B size I normally wear in big girl sizes. Thankfully I found them because the chicken alfredo at Olive Garden couldn't wait any longer :o)   

Now back to Mother's Day...another reason I enjoy Mother's Day is because I get to spend the first half of the day with my bff, Jennifer. She brings her mom and we just have the best time!  She was wearing a very pretty black and white frock.

Dress:  Kohl's Dresses
I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day!