Tip For Watching Video With a Slow Internet Connection

As I've mentioned before we moved into the country a couple of years ago and along with downsizing we also had to give up our cable hookup and go with satellite. Apparently there's not enough of us on this side of the creek for the cost to lay the cable. We decided to go with Dish Satellite which I've been satisfied with but we have to have a dish for the tv and a separate dish for the internet which I could have done without on the outside of my house but you have to do what you have to do. The satellite internet is expensive also so don't complain about your cable :o) It does run quicker at the beginning of the month but by the end of the month is as slow as molasses. I did get the middle package to avoid dial up speed but wasn't going to spend all the extra money on the top package. I mean I was wanting to downsize my life and my budget and I don't spend alot of time online anyway.

I was mainly disappointed because I could not watch videos without them stopping to buffer so I did some research and found out that if you pause them at the beginning they will buffer beforehand and then you can watch the video without it stopping. Makes sense after I found the info and it works. However, I am still unable to watch Netflix movies that way but YouTube and all the others seem to work well. Just pause your video and move on to something else for a few minutes and when you go back to it you should be able to watch without interruption. I found that to be a most helpful tip and wanted to share just in case you are having trouble yourself :o) 

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