I Have Officially Retired My Ugg Boots For The Season

My Ugg boots are probably my favorite shoewear. I love them! My feet have a tendency to get cold but not while wearing these. I have read that men don't like them but I think they are cute as can be and my hubby doesn't complain. Yes, I even like them with shorts. Although I only wear them with jeans. With the sun finally coming out, sadly it's time to place them at the back of my closet.

The top I have on is the most softest thing I own and was purchased at my favorite internet clothing shop...ModCloth. It is the The-Great-Estate-Dress and is currently sold out. They have some really cool, unique items. This was listed as a dress but was a bit short for me since you can see through the bottom layer. I pulled it up a bit and it was perfect as a top with my Levis. It would be cute with leggings or a short skirt and tights too.  I'm still trying to get out of my Levis and into some more stylish outfits but I love them so. Still my favorite go-to item for the weekend!



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