My Original Crochet Hat

A few years back my mom and I decided to start selling our crochet items on eBay as Mother Daughter Crochet Creations. We tried lots of different items and eventually found our nitch in baby clothing. In my quest to find patterns and things we could make easily and affordable I spent a lot of time on the internet and with my face in crochet pattern books. The thing I thought was the easiest to make was a hat but every time I would go to make one I had to find a pattern. The free ones you find on the internet normally have a flaw in them and the ones you find in the pattern books can be complicated. Even though I had been crocheting since I was young I wanted and needed a simply hat I could make over and over, changing colors or adding flowers or embelishments. Also, I wanted to be able to make the hat in different sizes. I like to crochet in the evening while I watch a bit of television or a movie and so I wanted something I could eventually memorize. After working in a law office all day the last thing I needed was to have to think! lol Well, I looked and looked and looked some more but to no avail.  So I decided to create a pattern for myself. You know what they say...if you want something done it yourself! After a few months of working on it I finally had the perfect, easy and quick, hat pattern. I was quite proud of myself. I gave myself a pat on the back and an atta girl!

If you would like to purchase my pattern and you are not on ebay I can always invoice you through Paypal.  I email the pattern in pdf and then send you a hard copy also.
Perfect for the accomplished crocheter or the beginner. However, a basic knowledge of crochet is needed.
I also make the hat in a custom way according to whatever the customer wants.
They are really soft and adorable!
I ended up having to make one for all my granddaughter's friends :o)
You don't have to be a little one to love them either!

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