The Mullet Dress...Yes, No, Maybe?

If you aren't hip to what a mullet dress's short in the front and long in the back. I have been spotting some of these dresses on the internet and some I like and some I don't. I would think a mini dress would be cuter without the fluff on the back. At least the really long ones. They look like something you'd have to fuzz with all the time. I do believe they are growing on me though but not enough for me to wear one, not yet anyway! You can check out some styles here at Celebuzz... celebrity mullet dresses

I believe the jury is still out for me!

In catching Britney Spears' new video, "Hold It Against Me", yesterday I noticed she is fighting herself in mullet dresses and high heels. Video is worth watching just for that! The mullet is flying and I love her shoes! Guess if you're fist fighting yourself you'll forget all about your mullet in the back :o) Just watch out for that left hook!

She is sporting some cool boots in the beginning shots and a cool black leather outfit later. Girl is styling for sure!

So what are your thoughts on the mullet dress...yes, no, maybe?

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  1. You can find Britney's fight scene shoes at:

    I love them!


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