My Original Crochet Hat

A few years back my mom and I decided to start selling our crochet items on eBay as Mother Daughter Crochet Creations. We tried lots of different items and eventually found our nitch in baby clothing. In my quest to find patterns and things we could make easily and affordable I spent a lot of time on the internet and with my face in crochet pattern books. The thing I thought was the easiest to make was a hat but every time I would go to make one I had to find a pattern. The free ones you find on the internet normally have a flaw in them and the ones you find in the pattern books can be complicated. Even though I had been crocheting since I was young I wanted and needed a simply hat I could make over and over, changing colors or adding flowers or embelishments. Also, I wanted to be able to make the hat in different sizes. I like to crochet in the evening while I watch a bit of television or a movie and so I wanted something I could eventually memorize. After working in a law office all day the last thing I needed was to have to think! lol Well, I looked and looked and looked some more but to no avail.  So I decided to create a pattern for myself. You know what they say...if you want something done it yourself! After a few months of working on it I finally had the perfect, easy and quick, hat pattern. I was quite proud of myself. I gave myself a pat on the back and an atta girl!

If you would like to purchase my pattern and you are not on ebay I can always invoice you through Paypal.  I email the pattern in pdf and then send you a hard copy also.
Perfect for the accomplished crocheter or the beginner. However, a basic knowledge of crochet is needed.
I also make the hat in a custom way according to whatever the customer wants.
They are really soft and adorable!
I ended up having to make one for all my granddaughter's friends :o)
You don't have to be a little one to love them either!

The Mullet Dress...Yes, No, Maybe?

If you aren't hip to what a mullet dress's short in the front and long in the back. I have been spotting some of these dresses on the internet and some I like and some I don't. I would think a mini dress would be cuter without the fluff on the back. At least the really long ones. They look like something you'd have to fuzz with all the time. I do believe they are growing on me though but not enough for me to wear one, not yet anyway! You can check out some styles here at Celebuzz... celebrity mullet dresses

I believe the jury is still out for me!

In catching Britney Spears' new video, "Hold It Against Me", yesterday I noticed she is fighting herself in mullet dresses and high heels. Video is worth watching just for that! The mullet is flying and I love her shoes! Guess if you're fist fighting yourself you'll forget all about your mullet in the back :o) Just watch out for that left hook!

She is sporting some cool boots in the beginning shots and a cool black leather outfit later. Girl is styling for sure!

So what are your thoughts on the mullet dress...yes, no, maybe?

My first post.....

I hope you will join me on my fashion journey. It's been a long time since I have been interested in clothes, persay, so I am long overdue. One of the things I thought about at the beginning of the year was that I needed to "cute myself up" and wear some of those clothes I have buried in my closet. I have to throw away items, iron items and get a real finger on just what I do have that's worth keeping and then the fashion parade is on. Probably even come across a few things I've forgotten I even have. Seems like I've been living in jeans, sweaters and the same 4 or 5 work skirts. I am so in need of a fashion makeover!

Needless to say a little shopping was in order to get me motivated plus I had a wedding anniversary coming up and I wanted to look my best for that special day. A new dress was what I needed! Besides it was 13 years and I didn't want to tempt fate with bad luck....I HAD to look my best! A new dress was what I needed! In my online search for the perfect dress I found the coolest online dress boutique, ModCloth, and I ordered the cutest little dress.

In looking for my booties to wear for my night out I came upon a pair of mauve shoes my mom bought me in the fall for my birthday that I have never worn. Those shoes are my inspiration for this blog! I plan to wear my mauve shoes....a lot! And all that other stuff too :o) No more throwing on the first thing my hand touches in the morning.

I also remembered my mom making me the cutest little short skirts when I was a kid and again had the inspiration to dress better. I had to wear a dress or skirt to school until I was in the 6th grade. That's makes me how old? I always looked cute back then. What happened? Anyway, my dad always wanted to know where my skirt was because I obviously only had on a blouse :o) I still like shorter styles but definitely not going to be sporting any micro minis...those days are definitely over! One of my favorite memories of my dad was he took me and bought me a pair of white go go boots. I loved those boots!

He also got me the latest Beatles 45....Love Me Do/P.S I Love You....The Beatles are my favorite band, btw :o) He then took me to the local corner store to show me off to his buddies. Mom had made me a twirly skirt and I could see myself dancing on Shindig! or singing like Nancy Sinatra. I was in the stars that day! The fellows filled me up on candy and pop and said I was the cutest thing they had ever seen. What fun for a 7 year old! Well, enough about me, for now.

To get back to my new fashion blog and my Valentine's Day anniversary, My hubby bought me a gorgeous Coach Purse. He was getting in on the act and didn't even know it! He also loved my new dress!

Just as a cute note, he also got me a handsome frog (I love frogs) that says...."you're my one and only"! Kind of sounds like The Rock. How cute is that? Don't you love a man who gives you a frog with a tattoo that says "Pucker Up", wearing a sleeveless tee to show off his tattoo and red silk shorts, telling you that you're his one and only! He even named it after himself! Just how adorable is that?? I got the biggest laugh :o)
My hubby is the best....well most times!
I love him dearly!

Please join me on my quest to dress better and be cuter!
Let's see what I (in my mauve shoes) can get into :o)
Have to get my ensemble together, isn't that always the case?
What to wear, what to wear!